Team Building

Are you wanting to build a better team, improve morale and ensure that your company operates as a well-oiled machine?

Speak to us about the many variations using professional staff who can deliver indoor and outdoor activities.

Outdoor Pursuits can range from working with horses to learn more about emotional intelligence or a more hands on approach with teams working in the outdoors, tasked to build a shelter, something to sleep on, make a fire and gather water.

Indoor Activities can be delivered at your offices or at one of our preferred venues.  We use trainers with different specialities, some of whom are from a forces background, entrepreneurs who know what it takes to mould a workforce into a team and HR specialists who have tasks that focus on the mind.

Team Building Events with a CSR twist.  Engage your staff in an event and ask them which charity/charities they would like to make money for.  This is a great way to get the whole team involved and to see how they take up the challenge.

Conferences/WorkshopsHow many boring and uninspiring conferences have you attended?  They do not have to be that way!  Talk to one of our team to see just what we can deliver.  Our reach is far and we have experts who are engaging, inspiring and who raise the energy in the room.  Workshops and forums are much more likely to be taken up and we have lots of tips to make your conference a hit.

We can also set up themed conferences and add some mystery to enhance and inspire the delegates.